Those are some crazy good moves there, Sonic!!

Way Past Cool! :P

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Good Greif! Mr Peabody’s hardcore!!!

Though, it’s not a bad idea! (Actually It’s An Incredible Idea!!!)



This was the most awesome Fairly Odd Parents special ever when I was a kid. I could catch all the references they used. 

The Flintstones 

The Simpsons 

Tom and Jerry 

Scooby Doo 

Charlie Brown 


I think for the Vicky and Timmy battle they used a reference from either Star Wars or Naruto. 


Person: Aren’t you too old for Sonic? 


I get this too… not always with Sonic though…

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Thinking about it, Morph and Chas kinda got into brawls with each other alot…..

Talk about great TV!!! :P

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