This was the most awesome Fairly Odd Parents special ever when I was a kid. I could catch all the references they used. 

The Flintstones 

The Simpsons 

Tom and Jerry 

Scooby Doo 

Charlie Brown 


I think for the Vicky and Timmy battle they used a reference from either Star Wars or Naruto. 


Person: Aren’t you too old for Sonic? 


I get this too… not always with Sonic though…

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Thinking about it, Morph and Chas kinda got into brawls with each other alot…..

Talk about great TV!!! :P

Aw, poor Morph!

For the love Ice-Cream! :D

So much for peace and quiet!

Morph Files - Babysitting!

From The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

Double D - The Vacation - Ep.1 - Vacancy Anyone?

This is my favourite part!


Peabody has been the whole movie treating Sherman as if he wasn’t old enough to do some kind of things… like driving the WABAC… And then„suddenly„he says ”You have to drive”„ that it’s the same as saying ”You’re old enough to do it, Sherman. I trust you”

Just look at Sherman’s eyes… He’s shocked„but decided to prove that he can do it!! :3

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